Activities occurring regularly:

Committee of Management meetings (monthly)
Radio Outreach (weekly)
Women’s League and friends (monthly)
Refugee Support (monthly)
Women’s Discussion group (monthly)
‘Write On’ magazine (monthly)
Newsletter (monthly)
Meditation group (weekly, but in abeyance at the moment)

Activities occurring intermittently:

Sub-committee meetings as required
General meetings with Anne Frank
Annual General Meeting
Special General Meetings as required
Congregational luncheons
Literary evenings
‘Circle’ meals in people’s homes
Philosophy/theology series
Post-sermon discussions
Series on music appreciation
Various social activities
Interaction with the external ‘Multifaith’ movement
Biennial Australia and New Zealand Unitarian Association (ANZUA) conference
White elephant stalls, and craft & gift stalls
Various working bees (e.g. church structural maintenance, weeding at Shady Grove)
Annual 25 km trek from the Shady Grove chapel to the Norwood meeting house

We also have a once-a-month karaoke event, where we all come together and sing the latest and best songs through a karaoke machine. We would like to thank our friend David for donating a karaoke machine to us. We have a couple of portable karaoke machines lying around for your own benefit!